Frequently Asked Questions

Is something not completely clear to you? Take a look at this page with frequently asked questions that the editors often hear about the site and what we do exactly. We have tried to answer these as extensively as possible so that hopefully everything becomes clear to you!

  • Why is unique?
  • Always current offer: the editors look daily for the latest coupon codes, sales, promotions, and offers so that you as an online shopper can benefit from your order. These are added throughout the day so that you are always aware of the most current offers from your favorite webshop!

    Types of coupon: not only searches for discount codes but also adds sales, offers, deals, cashback options, and promotions for free shipping. Why? Simply because all these types of promotions can help you save on your order. And that is our goal: to save you money!

    Clear:When you find a store an uncluttered page with all current and significant actions and discount codes among themselves. In addition, the stores are categorized into, for example, fashion and accessories, travel, electronics, and animals, so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. In addition, it is also possible to filter by type of promotion or just enter the store name in the search bar.

    Not only current promotions: in addition to looking for the most current discount codes, deals, and other offers, the editors are also involved in creating other content. For example, on the blog, you will find weekly new articles with saving tips that you can immediately apply in daily life, and much more!

  • What do you mean by the type of actions?
  • You may have already seen the various types of actions we are talking about. We often speak of an action, offer, promotion, sales, discount code, deal or cashback offer on the website. But what exactly do they mean?

    Action, offer or promotion : these are synonyms of each other and can really be anything. From free shipping to a percentage discount without a specific discount code.

    Sales: sales are the discount periods in which the stores stunt with substantial percentages of discounts to sell the collection extra cheaply before the new collection is in the store. We place all sales and mid season sales on the shop pages. Even when the discount gets higher and a new sale round arrives. This way you are always aware of the highest discounts!

    coupon code: a coupon code means a code that you can enter during the ordering process just before checkout for a certain percentage or amount discount. Sometimes they are without obligation, sometimes there are certain conditions (such as a certain order value) attached to them..

    Deal: a deal always refers to a product that has been significantly discounted in a certain period.

    Cashback:sometimes you do not receive the discount in advance, but the store offers you the possibility to get a percentage or a certain amount of the purchase value back after purchase.

  • Where can I find promotions?
  • The discount can be found with different options. First of all, you will find all the popular offers from top stories on the homepage. Are you looking for promotions in other stores or webshops? Use the search bar to search for the relevant store. In addition, you can use the categories to investigate where you get the highest discount on a particular product.

  • How do I search for coupon codes?
  • coupon codes are listed on the shop pages. Search for a store via the search bar or filter for discount codes under the heading "Actions". If a store or webshop has discount codes, these will be immediately at the top of the page and you can get to the code by clicking the "View this code" button!

  • How do you use a promotion code?
  • You can get the promotion code if you are ordering in a webshop. Add the products you want to buy to your shopping cart and go to the checkout process. In this process, a discount code field will almost always appear where you can paste or type in the code you found. You can open the discount codes by clicking the "View this code" button on the shop pages.

  • Can you combine coupon codes?
  • This depends on the conditions that the store or webshop has attached to the coupon code. Often you can use one per coupon code per order, but sometimes you can combine. Always check the conditions to find out what is allowed at the store.

  • What are Exclusive Offers?
  • The editorial team of finds a warm relationship with advertisers important so that we can offer you the best discount. Exclusive promotions can only be found on and may not be posted by other competitors.

  • Can I register for the newsletter?
  • Hell yes! collects the best offers, sales, and discount codes for you every week and sends them in a newsletter to online shoppers. Do you want to sign up for the newsletter? This can be done via the registration field on the Newsletter page..

  • How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
  • Do you no longer want to receive the newsletters? We are sorry to hear that, but at the bottom of the newsletter, you will find the option to unsubscribe from our mailing..

  • What can I do if my question is not answered?
  • We are happy to help you if you have any questions about Thank you for looking up here! On our contact page, you will find options to contact This is of course always possible if you have suggestions or points for improvement for We will answer your question or comment as soon as possible! ..